An evening of conversation at Location One exploring the arts and concerns of body, mind, and consciousness that they share with neuroscience. Presented by PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art, the arts publication edited by Bonnie Marranca. The discussion features contributions by visual artists, a dance therapist, a musician, an author, and a neuroscientist.

Ellen K. Levy, a visual artist who has collaborated with neuroscientist Michael E. Goldberg, Director of the Mahoney Centre for Brain and Behavior at Columbia University, about ‘attention.’

Michael Century, a musician and teacher who has focused on the artistic potential of interactive computer technologies.

Siri Hustvedt has published a book of essays on painting and an interdisciplinary investigation of a neurological disorder, in addition to writing several novels.

Denis Pelli’s research as a neuroscientist on Chuck Close’s paintings succeeded in expanding current insights in perception.

Jill Scott, a media artist who, inspired by the work of neuroscientist Bach y Rita, has designed aids and interfaces for blind dancers and sculptures that communicate interactively with the public.

K.C. Wiley, a dancer and choreographer, has worked with Parkinson’s performers to alleviate movement disorders and to provide creative possibilities through performance, in a program developed by Parkinzone in Rome.

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