This is a series of shots that I directed and/or animated. I have included text on screen that loosely explains what I did on the shot.
The Scenes are From Medal Of Honor Warfighter 2012 and a Trailer I did for an unreleased game called Tiberium.

Medal Of Honor:
If you would like to see more about the Medal of honor Sequences, please see my other video that goes into much more detail with the MOHW single player story sequences.

Tiberium Trailer:
I built this trailer starting with Pre-viz based on verbal ideas from our Producer, and moved it right along through production. I did the Layout/camera work and initial edit for the main sequence. I Was flown to Vancouver where I was captured as the actor. (So fun!) I also animated the robots and flying ships. There is a good deal of hand key work on it! ...I animated almost everything in it, but there is a shot where a good friend helped me out one night and I noted it on screen. (Lee Davis) ...I thank him for helping me with the shot because I was up every night for a week till 3 or even 5 in the morning getting this sequence ready to go to Eden Visual Effects for texturing, lighting, and rendering. They did a beautiful job, as did all involved. Art Direction by Steve Burg, Character design and modeling by Ken Bishop, Sound by Erik Kraber, Titles and final edit by Drew Stauffer.
This trailer was a huge undertaking and the volume and quality of work I did in a short period of time is something I'm still very proud of.

Some technical notes for MOHW:
Face Rig "BRIG" & "Rumble Cam" Camera Rig
Created By Robert Coddington

Rumble Cam:
"Rumble Cam" is a camera rig in Maya where I added wave, shake, and jitter sliders in order to easily create warm looking camera motion very quickly. I love it when people ask about my process for mocap cameras because all my scenes feature hand keyed camera work on the "Rumble Cam" rig.

Face Brig:
Face Brig is a layered facial animation system with look through cameras and key-able automated eye noise. I designed it to be an intuitive way for hand key animators to use or enhance performance capture facial data with less frustration. This face rig and camera rig that I created was used on Medal Of Honor (2012) and Army Of 2 (2013)

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.
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