This video clip was filmed for 2013 Video Challenge - Europe Past Forward!

The video shows a Roman soldier, Viking, Greek woman and a Knight dining. Each character represents his part of Europe. Each is shown in his own environment and only at the end does the viewer realize that they all sit and dine at the same table. Europe is big and culturally diverse, but all the nations are very connected, equal and have to cooperate toward common goals.
This is how we see Europe.

Produced by: Aleks Horvat, Ajda Račečič, Marko Samec and Simon Sovič
Director: Marko Samec

Roman soldier: Simon Sovič
Viking: Aleks Horvat
Greek Lady: Ajda Račečič
Knight: Marko Samec

Camera: Marko Samec and Aleks Horvat
Editing: Ajda Račečič
Color grading: Ajda Račečič
Make-up artist: Urška Samec
Assistant: Urška Samec
Graphics: Marko Samec

Special thanks to: Jože Čakš, Kulturni dom Šmarje pri Jelšah, Pokrajinski muzej Maribor, Društvo za rimsko zgodovino in kulturo Ptuj and Jaka Polutnik

SLOVENIA, January 2013

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