Welcome to Oil Baron (Black Gold) Game!

We offer a virtual oil business game in which users can register to set up their own virtual oil business. Oil Baron is both an entertaining and educational game on the iOS platform. Player is initially given a default amount OB Cash $500 and one oil well to start off the game. As the time progresses you'll see your in-game cash grow on daily basis with an interesting summary of the past day.

Despite the exclusive graphical experience in 2D environment, the game contains some very interesting features such as

-Option to buy different kinds of pumpjacks for your game in 7 seven different coloured skins each
-Option to buy different cash bundles using the in-app purchase
-Options to perform treatments, cleanups, services, frac jobs, horizontal drills for each of your installed pumpjacks
-Land owner's fine for messing up their land
-Game center achievements
-Game center leaderboard
-Make friends to socialize

We have provided a thorough help section for your assistance within the game and we certainly hope that you enjoy playing the Oil Baron Game.

Oil Baron Game (Black Gold) App Virtual oil business game, Register user set up their own virtual oil business, Oil Baron is both an entertaining and educational game on the iOS Iphone, IPad platform.
For more details: oilbaronapp.com/

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