Somewhere in Niassalândia

When i landed in Blatyre and stepped Malawi for the first time i let my eyes move freely through the panels, always available in the airports announcing what is there to be announced. In there what took my attention it was a tipically african sunset with those fine words in the bottom:

Malawi, the Warm Heart of Africa

It was like a welcome message. really Warm.

At the end of that short visit, when i was looknig for a book telling things about Malawi, as i always do, i was caught by the same words, this time in a book written by Sandy Ferrar with photos of Frank Johnston, who lived adventured lifes (their histories are fenomenal) there and felt in love by that country and that people. Frank Johnston was the responsible for those words i had seen in the airport in the first place.

Theyr book, which i devored in the plane back home, gave me something that rarely i have had from any other book. Their words and photos, perfectly described what my emotions had passed to me during my stay and in fact, those words were superbly illustrative of Malawi.

Ghandi said once that it is between children that one can understand more clearly the law of love. With this in mind, i invite you all to follow me and the Mother Africa, Miriam Makeba (Umbhaqanga, Live Humble e Pata Pata), to get in touch with this warm heart of africa, through Malawi children. I hope i can make you feel the gentle, the joy, forgiving and and laughter-filled traits of Africans, that Johnston wanted to illustrate.

See ya

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