Short Film feature made for Art's 1 000 050th Birthday - The Gold Standard.
Directed by: Velasquez

Every year, the International community celebrates Arts Birthday, in January.
This years theme was Gold. A presentation had to be created based on the Theme 6 minutes or less.

The content on this short-film video is based on an ancient Aztec truth: about the Tragic events that led to eventual meltdown of the 'Wheel-like Sun', a work of art destroyed by the Spaniard Conquistadors during there New World encounters. This Tale tracks back the Origin of a Gold Ring, serving as one of the many melted Gold works greedily and selfishly destroyed by a one 16th Century European-Spaniard, Holy Roman Emperor Charles the V.

Made on a Sony FS100 for the Public, Republic at large.
Thanks to Kristen Andrews, her imaginative-imagination & her store, Rag Pickers.

Songs: "Cortez the Killer" by Neil Young. On a side-note, written in 1975 in Winnipeg; quote from wikipedia, "What the fuck am I doing writing about Aztecs in "Cortez the Killer" like I was there, wandering around? 'Cause I only read about it in a few books. A lotta shit I just made up because it came to me."

"Ambience" & "Godfather Soundtrack - The Pickup" by Nino Rota.


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