A poem written by Alexander Patterson when his first visit to 798 Beijing Art District. A personal experiment with words, sounds emotions and nature. This film was produced to portray a series of montage of 798.

Written by - Alexander Patterson
A Film by - Kaism

Music -
Of Porcelain - You are the sun
The Glitch Mob - Palace of the innocents
Of Porcelain - The greatest distraction

* This is not a commercial film. Purely experimental.*

- Part 1
What do idle train tracks think about
as they lie where locomotives no longer work?
What does the almost-empty coal mouth say
to the leftover bits of soot that remain among its teeth
while biting into the ground for the last time?
How do the chimneys that once billowed
immeasurable quantities of smoke into the air feel
now that no fires are lit in their bellies
and the city has already grown
around them far and wide?

- Part 2
Coal and soot and sweat
A city of labor slowly succumbing to
the exposure of the elements.
The clank clank clank of man and machinery
replaced by playful birds and boisterous cicadas
where the timeless steam engine
has reached the end of its line
and weeds soften the hardened unfertile ground
where workers forged a living
as well as a nation.
The industrial era may be gone
but the art of life has just begun.

- Part 3
I want to tell my story through art
the call-girl says as her beautiful naked body
adorns the East German-built factory walls,
that I might share the error of my ways
and thereby obtain some absolution.
Let the students come and view this place
as a trendy venue for a modern revolution,
a great departure from the burdens
their forefathers endured.
It seems only right that
their youthful attempts at art
fill the hard vacuous walls
built by the Communist Fist.

Shot with Nikon D7000

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