TVC Matrix: Motor Club of America Pays Stay at Home Dads

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TVC Matrix: Motor Club of America Pays Stay at Home Dads

Many motor clubs offer limited service when relating to roadside assistance. These limits can be a pain when in times of an emergency and can really hurt your wallet. There are many well know motor clubs across the United States and Canada, but the one that seems to stand out, and anyone barely knows about is; The Motor Club of America.

TVC Matrix: Motor Club of America Pays Stay at Home Dads

Now some might say; "Well what makes the Motor Club of America so different from other motor clubs?" Fact is, a lot! Motor Club of America is possibly the oldest motor club out there, yet they aren't in the media like others. Why? Well, Motor Club of America or MCA for short rather rely on the "word of mouth" technique rather than spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions into media advertising. Instead, they offer a number of benefits to its members as well as discounts. Check out my older blog post to get a summary of what they have to offer.

I am a member, and yes, when I need to use my benefits, I use them. Not only do I use the roadside assistance, but I also use the hotel/motel discounts and the dental discounts whenever I have to visit the dentist. Its honestly up to the individual on what level of benefits they would like to receive. Motor Club America offers numerous membership's starting as low as $9.95 and upwards to $39.95 a month. Me, I have a Total Security membership which is what I prefer, you might choose different, and hey, its always the customers choice in the end.

So if your looking for a good motor club to join, and one that offers just a bit more assurance. Join Motor Club America. Trust me, you'll be glad you did. You'll be able to save money, and I know everyone likes to save money.
To check out the membership levels and see which is right for you simply visit my personal website:

TVC Matrix: Motor Club of America Pays Stay at Home Dads

Take some time to go through the different memberships. Its well worth the price, and soon as you buy a membership, your benefits are in FULL EFFECT. There's no waiting at all. You'll have access to the 1800 # as well as your Member ID# which is used whenever you need service. Keep in mind this is not an insurance of liability program, its roadside assistance on steroids.

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