On Saturday January 26, 2013 8:39 PST, the moon will be full at 7 degrees Leo opposite of the 7 degree Aquarius sun. Prepare for both thought and action to color your weekend.

The Moon is nearly full in Cancer so we start the weekend on an emotional note, finishing up some of the cleansing left over from last month's full Moon in Cancer.

The Aquarius sun influences us to be thoughtful and cerebral about how we approach our lives, with an emphasis on how we interact with the larger social circles in our lives and the one that binds humanity as a whole. Leo is about taking care of your personal needs, your ego, your artistic callings and creating more safety for your pride (family).

This is a brief summary of the new and full moon. It touches on Leo's relationship with the sun and time itself.
Part two will include Horoscopes.

Happy Full Moon in LEO!

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