We at fashionTROOP provide you a vibrant fashion palette where you can identify, develop and further your own style cause. A comprehensive solution; a glamour source and resource, a web-space encompassing all facets of the foxy world of fashion!!

If you are, or want to be associated with the fashion industry in any way; our distinctive approach and penetrating reach will help you get where you want! Sign up for a profile, upload your details, browse other profiles, comment and be commented on, rub shoulders with people from the industry- well, the on line version of it anyway!

To be noticed you don't need to compromise on your privacy by making your Facebook® profile public, let it be for-friends-only! And you don't need to confine your sequinned-collar profession to boring white-collar profiles with LinkedIn®, use fashionTROOP as a custom-made professional network for the world of fashion!
Unbelievably user friendly, you can easily design your own space to complement your work.
Get updated information and take control of your professional growth. With various profile types, you are all but assured to get one that makes you cry out 'Eureka'!

An amalgamation of ideas and creation of fashion synergy, fashionTROOP is an endeavour by fashion enthusiasts for fashion enthusiasts!

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