Hal 9000: An experimental and psychological short film, voiced from the words of swordsforpens (Chad Arias). A small critique on the human experience of technology using various clips from movies, prominent news sources, and our own compilation of shots filmed in Downtown Long Beach.

Music: Amon Tobin - "At The End of the Day"
Poetry: Chad Arias (swordsforpens.tumblr.com)
Editing: Ryan Gordon (jickpictures.com)

Full poem:
We’ve traded umbilical cords,
Raw flesh for circuit boards,
Mechanized bots with gaping ports in breast,
USB drives encapsulating ourselves to the combine,
AC/DC outlets front and back,
Carousing copper for electro stimulation,
No matter the source if yielding power,
Static white noise diluting frail silence,
Merit based existence on the followers you en-trance,
Still recalling when we never gave a cyber fuck,
‘Til fateful click when the spiders web meshed life in chip,
Remember making love to walls,
Giving birth to art,
The hiss of the spray can,
Orgasms painted in unison,
Technicolored seamen residue licked our hands,
Now subdued to click tap tap,
We post on virtual walls,
The last will and testament of generation mindless drone,
Gushing blood in font “Im alive!”
Avatars, web enhanced debauched personas,
“Be all that you can be,” bullshit,
“Be all that you can type,”
Mouse for feet,
Screen for eyes,
Keyboard for mouth,
Sexting for foreplay,
Masturbation to pixels,
Red wire, blue wire,
Dare I sever?

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