Music: Alt-J - Tessellate/Intro

Shot Breakdown: Please click time-code to view shot.

00:07: Sky 'Shield' - Golden Square Post Production. Camera track , ceiling replacement/rig removal and screen comps.

00:10: Created keyboard graphic and animation, tracked and composited, matching shallow defocus of the plate.

00:12: Sky Now TV 'Frank' - Golden Square Post Production. Cleaned up using Nuke projections on roto animated geometry. Comped the CG gun extension.

00:13: Sky Now TV 'Frank' - Golden Square Post Production. Combined several plates, retiming them and isolating select 'moments' of the destruction of the set to create the final comp. Guns and bullet smoke provded by our CG department.

00:16: Sky 'Disney on Demand' - Golden Square Post Production. My task was to take the matte painting created by Harry Jarman and bring it to life. I cut up the dmp and reprojected onto cards to create a subtle post camera move and focus pull. I also used this 3D setup as a reference for the animation of the Tinkerbell particles, and used the geometry for light interaction.

00:18: Sky 'Disney on Demand' - Golden Square Post Production. Created the transition between the real miniature boat prop and the CG boat by isolating elements from each and combining them to increase the smoothness of the transition. Also created the particle animation based on a setup and created the light interaction.

00:24: Carphone Warehouse 'Bullet' - Golden Square Post Production. Responsible for the online edit using Hiero and leading the compositing on this commercial. Conformed the edl and liaised with clients in order to develop the look of the 'bullet-time' effects.

00:27: Tanika 'Bad 4 U' - Golden Square Post Production. Worked as a compositor on this promo with the Director to achieve a specific look for the 'deregistered' effect.

00:30: Smooth FM Michael Buble - Beauty work on Buble body double to make them appear more similar.

00:32: Sky TV Beckham - Golden Square Post Production. Rebuilt house exterior using photographic reference, responsible for creating additional mattes and cleanup. Also responsible for green screens and window comps on several shots.

00:37: Sky Movies Harrison Ford - Golden Square Post Production. Keyed plate using a combination of luminance, difference and additive keying techniques to maintain edge detail. Comped onto bg plate.

00:41: Sky Boxsets 'Idris' - Golden Square Post Production. Responsible for set extensions on several shots, extensive rig removal and roto.

00:43: Sky 'Awesome Foursome' - Golden Square Post Production. Responsible for extensive rig removal, set extensions and screen replacements. On the house exterior shot I created additional dmp elements and removed the crane shadow from the building face by constructing it in 3D using Nuke ModelBuilder and projections.

00:47: Sky Now TV 'Heist' - Golden Square Post Production. Enhanced shots by adding additional lasers and smoke effects.

00:50: Sky Now TV 'Rob' - Rig removal, green-screen keying and CG glass integration.

00:51: 'John Carter' Directed by Andrew Stanton. Cinesite. Worked as a Roto/Prep artist on this show. On this shot in particular I did additional clean up to the Flyer and roto'd holdouts for CG. Much of the set cleanup on other shots was created using projections on match-moved geo. Also worked on World War Z for several months.

00:53: 'World War Z' Dir. Marc Forster. Cinesite. Worked as a Roto/Prep artist on this show for 4 months.

00:55: GT Bank 'Monolith' - Golden Square Post Production. Roto'd fg character and created digital matte paintings. Color corrected and treated edges to create the final comps.

00:58: 'The Platform' My graduate film, completed in June 2011. Responsible for every aspect, concept, story, CG, animation, compositing, editing etc.

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