A small tribute to the winter soul food referred to as 'onabe' in Japan. Literally meaning 'pan' or 'pot', the contents usually consist of easily prepared food primarily consisting of vegetables. This video illustrates a seafood nabe, but chicken nabe, wild boar nabe and even sukiyaki are also popular varieties. Typically cooked at the table rather than the kitchen, it is also a convenient and warming stew or casserole for cold winter evenings. Frequently, soup remains and 'zousui' as shown in this video is then eaten after the casserole and sometimes 'udon' (thick wheat noodles) is added depending on nothing more than preference.

Technical Info
NEX-VG20 (dB set to no more than 15db) Lens SEL5018

Roland R-26

Kevin MacLeod
Future Gladiator & Eastern Thoughts

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