Featured in Willamette Week on 2/20/2013.

SE 82nd Ave. is the longest strip mall in the city of Portland.
Due to the increase in Asian populations and businesses on SE 82nd in the past 10-20 years, many Portlanders started to call SE 82nd the "new Chinatown".

Can we really call this area "new Chinatown" just because there's great Chinese food in SE 82nd?
What about businesses and restaurants owned by Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and the Hispanics?
What about that Slavic church with the huge movie theater marquee, right on SE 82nd Ave.?

In December 2012, I had a chance to zip up & down SE 82nd about 18 times in two days, in order to interview 10 businesses and a couple churches about the changes in SE 82nd in the past 10-20 years.

This is my first assignment for Willamette Week, as a freelance journalist.

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