a short brief, group project at CSM. we had to take an element of the university building and use it to create a 'hidden reality'. the element was to be supplemented with a QR code that you would scan with your smartphone and watch the animation on that. in short, the new king's cross campus is a soulless industrial space with as much creative stimulation as an abandoned airport, so choosing a space that wasn't so utterly clinical was a challenge. initially, myself and project partner jacob just did a shitload of research into alternate realities, wormholes, the multiverse, string theory, and all that good stuff, but we only had a week and thus, produced this. it's not so much 'a cheesy trip into space' as our tutor put it in the crit, what we were trying to do was 'explore realities within realities, or where reality and the ethereal overlap in one continuum of space', but that sounds like and is, bollocks. we ran out of time and wanted to do a bit more with it, but i wasn't that experienced with 3D layers in after effects, and adobe was having none of it.

animation: becca hyman
sound design: jacob chabeaux


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