Фильм, созданный за 100 долларов. Film made for $ 100.

Writer: Niko Chikava, Orlov Sergei, Yuri Chirkovskiy
Director: Orlov Sergei, Yuri Chirkovskiy
Editor: Orlov Sergei
Producer: Orlov Sergei
Sound Editor: Orlov Sergei

Sometimes burned in the relationship with the girl. Meet her on the way, believe it. And suddenly nothing. And not because it is bad, it is simply wrong - thinking that you are the one on the white horse ... And leaves. And trust thy undermined. My chest was raw and sore. And you start to doubt all women. Time passes nature takes its toll. Again you see a charming creature, and then strive for it.
And certainly there as here. But, you're lucky - this time, and you have two one feeling. Love took you in his arms. This time triumphs Reciprocity! You're fascinated by it! Her mind is always on you, too. And here comes into play jealousy. Reckless human envy other people's happiness. Be the one who calmed down only when you part. And this is happening. Is for the same reason - the fear of being cheated.
What's your favorite, too hot, and too afraid of betrayal, not less than you - so ably believes straddling envious gossip. But! Love - true love knows no barriers. You save your beloved from the clutches of the bastard addict, regardless of its words "Goodbye, do not call me ever!" And here you are together again! Again you can see her eyes, a smile, a graceful figure. You are - you. Lesson "trust" you - go!
The fate makes his next turn, and leads you to the next test (something for which we arrive on the planet) and turn it to the next lesson titled "Revenge." Scumbag junkie blazing passion of revenge to kill you. Killed himself right there on the site of the murder of the righteous hand of God. Balance is restored. You are calm dying, looking into his eyes for you favorite is the highest point of pleasure - the understanding that what happened to you was not in vain.
The way you went to Great Changes Itself - to be back in this great game called Life. Left to return to his next incarnation.

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