(beingyouclass.com) ... What if your future is an energy of possibilities? What if there isn’t a defined conclusion of what your life should look like? And what if that energy is ALWAYS in motion? What if the only thing that is stopping you from creating the future you TRULY desire, is every limitation you bought as real in this reality?!?

What if it is time to change our fundamental paradigm of reality? The separation we've been choosing is killing our planet. What if now is the time to change it all? What if it is time to start embracing the Kingdom of We where everything and everyone can exist and contribute to each other without judgment?

In this special one day class Dr. Dain Heer will introduce you to the elements that will allow you to start functioning as the leader of your life -- question, choice, possibility and contribution. It’ll give you the tools to start creating and being something different here and now! Are you ready to open up for possibilities and choices you may not even knew existed... These tools, processes and new perspectives can help you start creating the life you truly desire – by embracing the gifts that these changing times offer.

Most of us try to do the Kingdom of Me, which is about figuring what we want as though it has to be a separation from everyone else. What if you could choose from a totally different place? What if the separation is what keeps you from everything you truly desire? From the Kingdom of We, you begin to recognize how all things are interconnected, and how the possibilities increase as we increase our willingness to have awareness of -- and connection to -- all things. What could you create and generate if you functioned from this space?

And as you are starting to BE that in your life, you become the inspiration for other and change people around you. That is the way change in the world occurs! We inspire each other, we show each other what is truly possible, beyond the limitation most people have bought as true. We do that by being the leader in your life, whether it matches anyone else’s reality or not. By being who we truly be!

Could this be exactly what you've been waiting for? What if the change you've been looking for in your life is actually available now?

Welcome to a Reality that has never existed before! Your reality!

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