Results of "Slant Basics Before and After Videos" workshop.
Taught by Kristofer Bergstrom, Jan 27, 2013.

Question 1: Large hits make a powerful sound.
Question 2: Player looks comfortable at the drum.
Question 3: Player looks commanding and confident.
Question 4: Strikes look independent and smooth (rather than awkwardly connected or robotic).
Question 5: Player's strikes look "in control" (as opposed to wild or erratic).
Question 6: Player leaves sufficient space between her body and the drum (as opposed to looking cramped).
Question 7: Timing of the final "ka" is satisfactory. (It is common to rush this hit.)
Question 8: Player is using her whole body to strike the drum.
Question 9: Player's arms look extended and graceful.
Question 10: Right elbow bends toward the drum.
Question 11: Movements of the strikes seem naturally powerful (as opposed to straining).
Question 12: Player is "addressing the instrument".
Question 13: Strikes look efficient.

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