This couple flew from Japan to have their wedding on a beachside property. It was a very small and special wedding with their closest friends and family in attendance. Although I don't speak Japanese, I could still sense the love everyone had by the smiles, laughter and occasional tears.
Bride, Oto Kanamori
: Father, Shuich Kanamori
: Mother, Rumiko Kanamori
: Sister in Law, Takako Kanamori
Groom, Takuya Namiki
: Father, Masaru Namiki
: Mother, Etsuko Namiki
: Sister, Hiroko Namiki
Kyoko Nakazono
Yumiko Yasunaga
Makiko Kagawa
Riku Kagawa
Kyoko Moriya
Keiko Moriya
Hitomi Nagasaka
Atsuko Nagasaka
kumiko Kikuchi
Takahiko Yamada
Satoshi Fujita
Yuzuko Fujita
Hanako Idei
Melissa Aykroid
Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Etsuko Carper
Private Chef Craig Sako and his assistant Tracy Miyashiro
Flower Arrangement by Monica Domingo
Live Music by Mike Cheape
Photographer Aaron Chang, Driver / Assistant of photographer by Akihito Kashi
"The Road that Never Ends" by Kealii Reichel
"Enjoy the Calm" by Drew Barefoot

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