Sermon Series: The Rescuer Rises, They Kingdom Come
Sermon Title: The Rescuer Our Lord
Big Idea: Lordship results in a constructive life.

I will never forget the time where I a got a front row see to witnessing one of my best friends in high school go down a path filled with destruction. He was on track to go to UC Davis Med School and unfortunately he got caught up in the drug scene. Which then lead him to an addiction he couldn’t kick. This resulted in him striving for a life of crime to help support that addiction, which then leads him to jail, and then to prison. Friends all of us at some point and time have made a series of destructive decisions in our life, and not only that all of us have the potential to still do it. So the questions becomes how do we avoid making those destructive decisions? In other words, how do we avoid living a life that is destructive and ends with death, but instead live a life that is constructive and ends with life?

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