Another spontaneous 'Idle No More' gathering occurred on Friday, January 11, 2013 in front of the Terrace City Hall. An interesting location to be sure as the Terrace RCMP station is located on the same property. The City and the RCMP have been at the forefront of serious abuse allegations for many years with the BC Civil Liberties singling out Terrace as suffering from the most egregious batteries of Indian peoples, the latest being Robert Wright who barely survived after a traffic stop for impaired driving. He endured a lengthy coma and has serious brain injuries he will never recover from.

This video begins in the middle of the two hour long procession through Terrace and across the CN rail bridge/overpass. Drivers can be heard honking their horns in support of the local First Nations people. The video then quickly engages a young local Tsimshian girl addressing the gathering asking for unity and support.

The Video then follows the drummers and singers across the bridge and back concluding with elders, Chiefs and Matriarchs praising the young people and the community as a whole for their strength and dignity, their peaceful resolve to demand a better future for their children and unborn grandchildren.

The video then concludes with a prayer in the Tsimshian language.

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