The Southern Pines Town Council held their worksession meeting to plan their February meeting agenda in the Community Room of the Southern Pines Police Department on Pennsylvania Avenue beginning at 3:00 P.M. The first item on the agenda was discussion of the Downtown Park Conceptual Master Plan. The Council heard from Robert Reeve, Director - Recreation & Parks, and from Vince Zucchino (one of the primary architects of the Downtown Park Plan). The Council decided not to take formal action on the Conceptual Master Plan at the February Town Council meeting. Instead, the Council will delay formal action until the Parks & Recreation Department is preparing grant requests -- which would require an approved Master Plan.

The second item on the agenda was discussion of the project to install new smart water meters as part of the Automatic Meter Reading System. These are "RFID" meters which employ very low power transmitters which must be scanned by reader equipment in a truck while driving by the meter location. These meters are not as sophisticated or intrusive as the "SmartMeters" which the power companies are trying to deploy (which use high power cell network transmitters and detailed intrusive monitoring of individual appliances and micro-usage). The primary savings of this $2.2 Million dollar project are from reduced meter reading costs, and the justifying savings are realized over the long-term.

The final item on the agenda was discussion of the joint venture with the County to construct a new Fire Department sub-station and County E.M.S. substation on property which is essentially being donated by the Sandhills Community College on Airport Road near the small traffic circle.

The meeting agenda and packet may be found at:

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