This clip: Founding teacher David Leventhal utilizes a habanera for the lower legs and feet to explore elements of rhythmic attack and articulation. William Wade's original composition adds fire and spice.

An excerpt from the Dance for PD® At Home DVD Volume 1

Our acclaimed first DVD features teachers and students from the original Dance for PD® program in Brooklyn as they share an enjoyable, rigorous, and innovative dance class that engages mind, body, and spirit. The DVD contains 16 complete exercises—more than two hours of inventive, musical and joyful movement specially designed for people with Parkinson’s. The DVD is appropriate for all—including those who wish to remain seated throughout—and can be done in the comfort of your home.

Like all of our DVDs, it features two options on one disc. Start learning in our Practice Class and keep moving in our expedited Through Class when you’re ready for a more continuous pace.

With lively music and guest appearances by Mark Morris, it’s no wonder this Volume has been delivered to more than 18 countries around the world, garnering customer raves wherever it goes.

“It's wonderful. Directions are clear, music is great. Makes me smile when I do it.”
—LW, Kalispell, MT

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