Dale Connelly, UK, CO-living at Casa Neutral Q&A's

1) What comes to your mind when you read Casa Netural?
An opportunity to share ideas and talents with no other agenda but to collaborate together in creating projects to benefit people and communities.

2) How do you make social innovation?
Social innovation for me is all about being selfless not selfish. At the start of 2013 I made a decision to close my Twitter handle @itsdaleconnelly which had nearly 1000 followers and launch a brand new Twitter handle @TenPastOne. The concept behind @TenPastOne is to discipline myself to 'tweeting' only at 1:10am & 1:10pm whilst actively sharing and interacting with Twitter users anytime of the day, raising their profile though my profile. Selfless not selfish. I also feel that social innovation is about doing the small things beautifully, compared to the big things relentlessly, this all helps create projects with longevity and credibility. I love what Michael Wolff said, go big on the small stuff.

3) How can rurality and innovation stay together?
It's so important not to get caught up trying to create 'relationships' with people or communities only on platforms online. Social innovation is all about creating stepping stones online to bring you closer to people and communities offline. For example a 'tweet' from @CasaNeutral caught my attention which made me want to see Casa Neutral and the people not just in pixel format, but in real life.

Have you ever heard of the nomad workers? People who travel the world carrying only one computer, many ideas in their minds and a wealth of experience and curiosity! We invite those of you who have this desire to join us, to open up and meet people, ideas and share a piece of their life! We are launching a new way of thinking and looking at the world! This is an innovative way to work and travel at the same time! A unique experience, to live 24/7 with those exploring innovation in design & life, to meet the local change makers, to exchange ideas, experiences, to find an environment in which to bring your own knowledge, out of the routine and to try new adventure trails. Create lifelong friendships through a passion of exploration and design. In our enviroment we have a new way of being together, have fun, establish close relationships, exchange, self - grow, innovate and create a better world. To make a revolution in the way we live, work and design, to expand the network and create a global hub between the existing experiences and those that will be generated! How is all that possible? Believe in it and participate!

Music by: Benjamin Dunn & Friends - The End

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