A friend and me were working on a short film project called 'KOMA' about a school gun rampage. We bought a BB gun as a prop and did some test shooting on campus. On weekends it's pretty much deserted. We were sure no one saw us with the gun. When the police arrived, we realized that we were wrong. They came with two cars and a bus, a fourth car was on the way but called off. The cops were pretty relaxed.

FAQ: Was that a real gun? No, just a BB gun.
What did you use for blood? Expired ketchup, I found in my kitchen.
When will the actual film project be finished? We'll probably not finish this one. Too much trouble.
The bullets don't match the gun!!! Yes, we know. Couldn't get the proper bullets. No one we know owns a gun.

Music: Danny Elfman & Antfood

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