Alexander Sprekenhus was established in Oslo in 2010.

Imagine something completely different; an experience that evolves around seeing the body and nature as one. The senses are brought on a journey. Far away from conformity and normality of every day life, hand made fragrances and natural products are being made. Discover how design, ingredients and the environment can be united in one and the same package. Imagine a company where the team is beyond enthusiastic and joyful for being able to create – totally independent but consistent. Risks are taken and ideas are realized.

The mission: to make products without any compromises. The journeys between different cities made the visualization become reality. First and foremost the ingredients are our main priority, but then it is all about working with the best.

Since you are reading this you might know a thing or two of what this is all about.

A scent, a sensation and a consistency that is everything but boring.

Product Ingredients Sourcing

We explore new ways of extracting the best quality organic active ingredients. Whether it is Argan oil from the Moroccan Argan nut tree, or Kelp extracted from the depths of the ocean, we focus on benefits for our customers, rather than upscale manufacturing.

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