Suneet and Lata wanted VIVIDA to create a Same Day Edit (SDE). We only had 3 cinematographers and we knew that I needed a gap in the day. The bride arranged the day with a 3 hour gap. However the best plans... The gap in the day became an hour and half! I remember Suneet’s parting words “Simeon, do not let me down!” Photographers Anil & Beena handed me a RedBull and a chocolate bar. Toby and Marta smiled at me and left me with a laptop and a pile of our memory cards.

I had to edit two days of footage into a 3 minute short film during the drinks reception! :-/
I tried to call the Suneet to tell him that I didn’t think I could do it. His phone went to voicemail. Typical! I had no choice but to put my headphones in my ears and go for it. I remember running into the reception hall with my laptop to do a video/ sound test before the guests entered and only having 70% completed. Moments later the guests were entering in.

To keep things simple, I couldn’t include any live sound from the ceremony or speeches as this would have taken too long. None of us have ever edited a short film in this amount of time. Grading was out of the question. Colour correction was not an option. We used our Canon 5D MKII and MKIIIs.

The video we are presenting you with here is the EXACT same file we played on the day. No corrections made.

Well done to VIVIDA’s Tobias and Marta with filming alongside me. I am especially impressed with Marta as she only started filming 7 months ago. She has been trained by myself and the team just as Toby had been a year before. Much of the footage in this video was filmed by Marta. It just shows what can be done with the right training and a willing, humble attitude. Naturally all the best clips were mine...seriously ;)

Suneet & Lata did a fantastic job in creating these events. Thanks for having our team. I hope you are recovering.



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