The World is waiting for you!!!
By Sheikh Mumtaz ul Haq

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Muslims are like an empty plot of land. It’s up to you to decide what is built on there, whether a beautiful house or a rusty shed. You have much potential and our history is rich with shining stars who changed the world for the better and left their mark.
Historians say if there were 2 Umars [r.a] then Islam would have spread to 4 corners of the globe, yet before Islam people said “there is more change of Umar’s donkey accepting Islam than him”. Salahudeen [r.h] was a non arab, non scholar, who liberated the holy lands and historians and even those opposing him respected him, the examples go on.
People who want to change the world do not waste time in front of the TV, or hours and hours in bed, yet they are up learning, teaching, praying, contemplating and planning the change.
So let us take it upon our selves, rather than point fingers at others expecting them to change the way things are.
The world is waiting for revolutionaries but you and I fail to recognise, that they are actually waiting for us, if only we would recognise our own potential.

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