In the shadow of the Matterhorn
"Thou gleam'dst to Joshua's pausing sun and moon,
And brav'dst the tokening sky when Caesar's power
Approached its bloody end: yea, saw'st that Noon
When darkness filled the earth till the ninth hour."
Thomas Hardy
In our first campaign, we searched for an interior landscape that would locate our muses with their ideal beauty and accessories LOTOCOHO.
In this campaign, we are looking for the closeness and beauty of everyday, Anna: member and founder of LOTOCOHO alongside 2 great friends of the brand: Blanca in her year of splendor and wedding; and Marta, one of our favorite stylists!
All this in the shadow of one of most favorite places in the world: The Matterhorn.
In the shadow of the Matterhorn we present to you: WORLD PEAKS. By LOTOCOHO.

Direction: Javi Senz + Jorge Lopez Conde
Music: Dan Deacon - USA III. Rail


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