A simple timelapse from my holiday to Thailand at Koh Samui Harbour waiting for a ferry.
All the fishermen had finished for the day (around 4pm), although some were cleaning and fixing their nets on the other side of the harbour.

Had I had more time I would've got some shots of them too - but I knew I had half an hour so I prioritised. As it was the ferry arrived and I had to run to catch it!

Oh - and the blur you see within the first second or so in the top left was a bird that would leave me alone, hovering over the boats... Typical!

Shot on a 5DmkIII with a 24-105mm, with a Haida 10 stop ND filter attached.
24mm, F4.0 (wide open), 1.6sec exposure time / 3 second interval (obeying - near enough - 180 degree shutter). Shooting M-RAW to save on file size - but still gives 1080p, 2K & even 4K output options.

366 images - 5.8GB

Edited with LRTimelapse & Lightroom
Exported as .mp4 in Lightroom via LRTimelapse Pro Profile - 1080p 25fps

14.5sec video - 112MB

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