This video demonstrates a UI which combines the frames of a short movie clip into a single image. The user can manipulate this image with a brush which moves the affected pixels through time. The act of shading shifts objects into the future or back toward the past.

A clip from Looper (2012) is used as the input movie clip and can be scrubbed in the top left. The top right corner shows the temporal mask, a grayscale image used to determine which frame each pixel comes from. If the mask pixel is black, the pixel from the first frame of the input movie is used. If it's white then the last frame is used and different grays cover each of the frames between.

Images from 12 Monkeys

An image from Donnie Darko

This interface was built using OpenFrameworks and source code is available on GitHub.

I built this tool to explore UIs for manipulating time. Sources of inspiration/motivation:

Michael Golembewski's Scanner Art Project

I'll Be Back... to the Future art show at Hot Art Wet City

Bret Victor's talk, "Inventing on Principle"

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