Louie was right, after the wedding, most of the newly-married women are excited to change their Facebook status from “Single” to “Married” and change their last names. :) We so love his sense of humor… most of their guests were reacting and laughing while he was citing his vow. While Rio on the other hand shared some serious details about them having six wonderful years: two years together and four years apart. That was a tough one… making your partner feel secured and loved despite the distance!

This couple both have beautiful smile that contributed a lot to this video. They stayed cheerful despite some issues before and during their big day. … that’s the spirit Louie and Rio! The worse part for us was when the electricity went out at the latter part of the ceremony… please forgive us that some parts of this video were too dark as things happened beyond our control.

Nevertheless, it was one happy wedding! We do agree that you two belong with each other :) We realized that for this couple, what matters most is that they have received God’s blessings and that the people they value and cherish were all present during the most momentous day of their lives! Congratulations, Mark and Rio!

Took place at Bali Village Hotel Tagaytay, Chapel on the Hill Nasugbu Batangas and Sotogrande. By Team Freshminds.

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