Northwest Missouri FCA staff teaches area athletes that Jesus is the hero of God's story at EXCELeration Leadership on Tuesday January 29, 2013. This is message number two in the "Disciple: Being God's Representative to your Team" series.

Discussion Questions

1. What stood out to you most about the hero of the story and why?

2. The Bible clearly illustrates that Jesus is the Hero of God’s Story. Which of the 16 examples did you find to be the most compelling and why?

3. God’s story is about Jesus, but it’s for our benefit. How does it make you feel to know that Jesus used his authority as God entirely for your benefit? How would, or has, your life benefited from depending on Jesus?

4. God’s story is about Jesus, but it’s for God’s glory. As disciples we must learn to be about Jesus as we live for God’s glory. In what ways, does your life glorify God and point to Jesus? In what areas do you need the Holy Spirit’s help to be about Jesus for the glory of God?

5. Impact Programs are intended to help our teammates trust Jesus as the Hero of God’s story. How would, or has, an Impact Program helped you and your teammates to trust Jesus as the Hero?

Note: This content is adapted from Bill Clem's book "Disciple: Getting Your Identity from Jesus."

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