Vadim Tzigansj is a young artist from Moldova, who works in several artistic direction with a special interest in movie art, comics and public art interventions.He defines his artistic ego as taking the form of a controller which dashes headlong into various communities, making a part but keeping a peripheral place in the frame of their social structure. So far these communities reckon the arcade gamers, the otaku, the wise-guys from the back classroom desk, the B.Boys, hippies, chess players, the ultras, and last but not least, the artists.

During the residency in Kosice, Vadim Tzigajnasz started a long term project, the creation of a short animated film, Mission to space. After investigation of local myth and legend, he decided to focus on the figure of Janosik, slovak Hero from the XIX century. He integrates this work in a wider exhibition, Stratene vystavy, that took place in the frame of alt30collective festivalIn Cabiny. In this , the artist shared his ironic view on with the code and expectation of the contemporary art scene nowdays

During his residency in Kosice, Vadim took part to contemporary art events in the region of Kosice, as Use the City, POKE festival, and alt30collective festival.

Video by Michal Hudák.

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