A clean record for a sinner
By Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad
[Subtitles in english]
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The clarification of one of the most vital points about Tauba [repentance] that people have at the back of their minds. Shaykh articulates how, once a person makes [acceptable] tauba then Allah removes all traces of that sin to such an extent that even the recording angels are made to forget it and the body parts that committed it.
Allahu Akbar kabeera!!

Hadhrat Abdullah bin Abbaas (R.A) reports that when a slave repents to Allah, Allah forgives him and causes the recording angels as well as the person´s limbs to forget about the sin. Therefore, they are unable to testify against him. Even the ground whereupon the sin was committed forgets the sin.
[Tambihul Ghaafileen - Admonition for the neglectful by Faqih Abul Laith Samarqandi]

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