I’m a Washington Videographer but before I did that I did photography. There are a few names that stand out when you think photography. Yes I get it everybody now is a photographer but there is a difference. There’s a difference in the person who goes out and buys a 30 dollar camera then states he or she is a photographer to the person who lives, breathes and eats the stuff.
Passion, style, and a true dedication to the art is what makes a person transcend from being a run of a mill photographer to a “class in their own” Photog. I had the opportunity to not only hang out with one, but film him as well.
Tim Coburn is the owner and head photographer of Tim Coburn Photography located in Alexandria. His studio, classically named, Softbox Studio is fun, bright, and hip (if not a little hot from the lights). I personally heard of him when I was doing photography but never met him. I ran into him a few times at different fashion shows I was video producing but again never went past “Hi”, “how are you” and “bye”, well I wasn’t shooting a thing yesterday and I really wanted to hang out and have fun. He invited me over to a shoot and I had the opportunity to watch and listen...I even got to be apart of the crew (yes I was promoted from spectator to fan guy!! literally !)
I’m not going to type anymore about him,..let him introduce himself.watch my video...

Malcholm J Reese

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