I put some foam rubber between the motors and the frame and balanced the props again. To have less weight I changed the HV20 with my Lumix FX30.
Much better result in terms of vibration.

Technical stuff:
- Average current consumption: 12,5A
- Takeoff weight with FX30: 910g
- X-3D with FW 3.0
- X-Base with FW 3.0
- X-BLDC with FW 2.3
- Hacker Style 20-22l
- EPP 1045
- Battery 2100 mAh
- QuadroPPM
- Graupner R16scan receiver
- FX-30 as FPV and recording Cam
- GF HighEnd 2.4 GHz video TX
- AnyVolt Micro for FPV TX

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