The goal of the Decathlon Christmas Competition was to win new fans on Facebook as well as to raise awareness about Decathlon products as popular Christmas gifts. What distinguished the game from other raffles was the idea, that players could win those products not for themselves, but as a gift for a friend. Thus a powerful link was made to the occasion of the raffle – Christmas.

The prizes could be redeemed based on a points system. Prior to each new phase of the competition, participants were asked in a poll, which prizes they would prefer, thus increasing active participation.

Diverse Facebook functions were specifically employed to virally spread awareness for the competition. Through a special reward system, participants were able to give their friends a lottery ticket as a gift while using Facebook's invitation function. This resulted in as many as 5000 participants sending 50000 invitations.

Due to the successful employment of Facebook ads, the posts announcing the gift polls were seen by as many as 680000 Facebook users, while users from the target group were attracted via Facebook Sponsored Stories.

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