Unedited, first-pass stab at stitched fulldome frames from GoPro footage.

Some notes:

- Parallax effects are evident in objects moving near the cameras. This is a known issue with
real-world cameras, which, peskily, cannot co-occupy the same physical space.
- The stitching job is quick and dirty, as is the exposure blending (another pesky issue with real-world
- No geometric correction applied to the fishy gopro footage before exporting as frames.
- Frames were exported as 8 bit jpgs, not TIFFs, and so advantage of shooting high bit-rate
"Protune mode" footage lost; still advise using it in the future, because:
- No color correction applied prior to export, would have gained from the latitude offered by protune. Some
saturation and contrast was done in AE prior to final export in h264.

Three GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition cameras were used, shooting Protune 2.7K Cinema 24fps footage. We placed them horizontally, at a 90-degree spread. Footage was exported, as noted above, into jpg frames at maximum resolution (2704x1440) but at 8 bit depth. These were then appropriately numbered and named and placed into a folder for pBatch, a component ptGUI**. ptGUI stitched the first set of frames. We did some basic optimizing, but didn't spend a whole lot of effort. ptGUI did a decent job for a first pass. This was then saved as a ptGUI template file. We pointed Batch Builder to the template file and our image directory, and it generated batch files for each and every frame (several thousand individual superframes each stitched from 3 gopro frames). These were then loaded into ptBatch and off we went.

This is a slow process. Stitching a frame is fast, but doing it repetitively with 2704x1440 source images and then writing them to disk adds up. Our remaining frames are still writing as we upload this 2k version of the first part of our footage (which is exported from ptGUI natively at a whopping 7,538 x 7,538 (!) ).

In the above description, I casually say "These were then appropriately numbered and named" for pBatch. This know-how took some false starts and funny results to acquire.

** ptGUI: absolutely indispensable. Full featured, customizable stitches, fast and reasonably effective at control point generation, huge array of projections and modifications, customizable in vast number of ways. Recommended.

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