This video is from a series of 1DC camera tests I conducted. You can read my full write up of the 1DC on the WonderBlog here:


I took Nora De outside to see how the 1DC would fair shooting off NYC’s High Line. I placed her on a bench backlit by the sun framing to include a deep background and hints of a blown out sky.

What most surprised me on this test was how different the color on the 4K footage was with the same settings. Though her face appears “sharper” in the 4K footage it also feels like it has less texture and feels more blocky to me.

Once again we see the battle between compression and canon log waged all across the darker areas of this image. After this test I could never imagine delivering Log footage to a client (especially not in HD mode). It appears that the best way to get sharpness and range out of this camera is using your picture profiles and setting them the way you want the image to look like. I know this involves a few more minutes of set work as opposed to letting an editor handle it but I think the increase in picture quality necessitates the work.

View a Format Comparison of this test here:

You can download the Prores HQ version of this test here:

You can download an uncompressed Portrait and Log 4K clip from this test here:

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