Amdo after harvest documentary project needs your support.

We have already shot the first part of the movie in which we present Tibetan celebrations and festivals held every year after harvest. The second part will deal with everyday life of young Tibetans and Shamans living in Amdo Kingdom. We will conduct a series of interviews with local people discussing their views on religion, rituals, progress and the change that is happening in their lives due to the modernization of China. We will talk about the impact of media and mediated imagination on traditional ways of Tibetans, their culture and memory.

Amdo after harvest project is brought to you by documentary filmmaker Adam Ruszkowski, sociologist/photographer Ron Gillis and sinologist/ translator Aleksandra Smolak.

Why we need your help

We need your support to finish the movie. The money will be used to set up a filming base in Qinghai province of China for a period of 1 month. We don't want to rush it, time is needed to find interesting subjects and gain their confidence. There are also production and post production costs as well as travel expenses. We have already invested a lot of our time and money in this project and we believe it's very important to finish it by the end of this year.

The Impact

The question of cultural identity is very important to us. Tibetan culture, famous around the globe for its rich spiritual imagination, is changing fast. Our goal is to show that change and the way Tibetan people adapt to the new environment that caught them by surprise. The same process is happening all over the world, but in this case it is much more vivid and disconcerting.

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