This was part of the content created for the Burberry Taipei store launch. Post was completed with The Mill.

In a follow up to their 2011 event in Beijing, Burberry commissioned 20min of content for the launch of their flagship store in Taipei, now their largest store in Asia. Content was produced in London over 5 weeks with 8 different award winning companies involved. Overall production and technical direction was done through Not To Scale with Silent Studios acting as the overall creative directors of the show. The finished product was projected on a 360 degree screen through 12 overlapping HD projectors within a bespoke venue created for the event.

Content will be toured throughout 2012 as part of Burberry World Live.

Production was completed April 2012.

Client: Burberry
Creative Directors: Silent Studios
Producer: Debbie Crosscup
Technical Director: James Littlemore

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