awesome week of boarding with mates finished off with some sick speedride runs friday and then a warmdown (literally) kite session at pembrey beach on sunday. booom!!

Big thanks to my sponsors:
Flexifoil kites
Kitemare company north devon
Deadman kitesurfing

tignes/ val d flying info.............
1st flight was next to the stade de slalom on the right hand side of tignes val claret. take the tichot chair then cut off right, cut across the hill and over the slalom. nice intro run with a good take off and landing but you have to turn to land next to the carpark and not near the road! jackson ;)
big val d i'sere flights: L'olympique cable car. take the run off to the left (face olympique de bell evarde). after a couple of hundred m just where it steepens cut right
last run back down to val claret. to the right of tufs chair when looking down the mountain. land on the flat above the lake.
in the first run of the vid you can see the line of the last run and vice versa as they are opposite sides of the valey

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