In life we are given numerous difficulties that we must overcome, how they are handled are entirely up to us. “Astro[not],” a short film by Doug Helmick, follows the story of a man in his late forties named Jonathon Star. His whole life he aspired to be an astronaut, but never achieved his goal. Instead, he ran away from home at the young age of eleven in hopes of a better life from a broken home. What he found was a life full of lonesomeness and unwanted solitude. Diving deeper into a medicated depression, Jonathon finds himself slipping further from reality and entering a surreal dystopia. No longer able to distinguish what is real or fake, he gets lost in limbo. Hoping still to find a better life, he is left with the impression that a better life will never exist.

Chairo Films Presents
A Doug Helmick Film
Richard Gage, Scott Davis, Anca Lorincz, Joey Manuselis, Jacob Henry, Joey Pasc

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