Exploding Decibels is a radio show airing every Thursday from 5-7 PM (central time) on 89.1 The Bash. This week we interviewed Blood Tribe from Evansville, Indiana.

Check out Blood Tribe on Facebook here: facebook.com/pages/Blood-Tribe/195397880985?fref=ts

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1. Blood Tribe- Reflections
2. Apparitions- Allegiance to Fear
3. Killswitch Engage- In Due Time
4. Sirens & Sailors- You and Die
5. August Burns Red- White Washed
6. Silverstein- Massachusetts
7. Blood Tribe- In Fair Verona
9. Acrania- Auctioneer of Depravity
10. The Zenith Passage- Xenith
11. Oceano- Slow Murder
12. COVER SONG- The Agony Scene- Paint It Black (Rolling Stones Cover)
13. Born of Osirs- Recreate
14. Blood Tribe- A Scar For Every Sin
15. Burning the Masses- Immersed Entity
16. Spawn of Possession- Where Angels Go Demons Follow
17. Abominable Putridity- Remnants of the Tortured
18. Feed Her to the Sharks- Fear of Failure
19. NEW SONG- Blood Tribe- The End In Fire

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