I'd figured an angle from a distance might help me to see, how it is I manage to protect myself, as I've thankfully been able to do. There's been a handful of bad, close calls; one time my head hit my Mothers knee [that freaked me out bigtime, thankfully she was okay], a other time I was cutting foods and the knife became sketchy as I froze before awkwardly collapsing [first dropping it], sliding out of my chair at the computer happens and especially during good comedy shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm or Parks & Recreation...

Basically, the trigger here was from the resemblance to my step-father somehow, of someone speaking on CBN. Watching it was something I new wouldn't take long to trigger Cataplexy.

You can see how it starts, in this video [which was shot in the same week as the other two videos].
I'd said something regarding "doesn't that guy look like" mumbling it, beginning to laugh, as the Cataplexy begins.
My head sort of bobs [not so visible in the frame] and perhaps my stance changes, as I began laughing.
The remote slips at the point that my entire body, the muscles, are flickering and weakening.
That is as such hits harder, and I can no longer hold the remote, so it drops.
In this state, I'm sort of frozen maybe even slightly trembling, yet in my mind always seeking the safest, easiest and quickest direction/path to go down, in.
Within moments, my knees basically can't hold me up any longer.
Oddly, yet with enough control to stay safe, I collapse and roll at the same time, guiding with the arm.

In my mind I know that nothing could have prepared me more nor better for, or perhaps helped me learn to adjust to and with, Cataplexy; than the many wonderful years of Skateboarding. =]
---The all-of-a-sudden anticipation of a fall, the immediate necessity of directing the fall to whatever extent you may, with limited control of the multiple elements, taking it however it will come, using the body position/ing and momentum somehow to collapse without damage.---
Again, Skateboarding for years and years, different terrains and not letting the Cataplexy stop me from Skateboarding; even Cataplexy occurring while I skateboard in deep bowls, has not backfired. Yet, I've had to basically walk, for the most part, entirely away from it; besides for on occasions, and briefly. It will always be in me though, it is my passion, my closest relationship and/or partner... =[

-I've had way more immediate and dangerous Cataplexy collapses, were my knees give out basically at the point of when laughing begins right after I mumble and my head bobs the first time...-

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