My Official Entry to the Scion Motivate Contest! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to participate!
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A Bit About my Business :

I have loved cooking for as long as I can remember, and have been doing it professionally since I have been of age to work. I have dedicated my life to pursuing a craft of hard work and long hours for the love of making people happy. I fell in love with Thai cuisine while cooking in a small restaurant in Ft. Collins, Colorado called Sri Thai. It was there that I first encountered the exotic, bold, stimulating flavors of Thailand. I was cooking my way through college at the time, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Restaurant Management and a Minor in Business. After graduating, I relocated to the food & wine capital of America: Napa, California. Here, I attended the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.
After all these years of training, I feel that I am ready to run my own kitchen, and I would like to start small. Thai Bird Takeout is a dream turned concept that is near and dear to my heart. I am trying to start a restaurant with very little, if any, dine in space while focusing on takeout and delivery business. The Napa Valley is full of restaurants that employ thousands of 18-35-year-olds who often work late, have little dispensable income, and want to rest at home whenever possible. However, there are no such restaurants making an effort to cater to this demographic. There is only drive through fast food available by the time most of the culinary crews get off work, and I want to change that. I want to serve those that serve the rest of us.
I plan to use the finest ingredients from local farmer's markets. Dealing directly with the finest growers of organic produce and other specialty goods gives me a distinct advantage over the competition. I regularly forage for local flora and fauna, as it is one of my many roles in the restaurant I currently work in. I will utilize modern cooking techniques gleaned from my experience working under the guidance of rising star Chef Curtis Di Fede of Oenotri, 3 Michelin starred Chef Christopher Kostow of The Restaurant at Meadowood, and Chef Instructor Almir Da Fonseca of the Culinary Institute.
With my dedication to the craft of cooking, low start-up costs, an unmatched work ethic, and a concept that touches a market that is yet to be tapped, Thai Bird Takeout is a recipe for success.

My business requires that I go to farmers markets, transporting large amounts of ingredients, making deliveries throughout a shift, as well as transporting equipment and food from catering jobs. There is one Scion model that delivers exactly what I am looking for: the xB. The xB’s slick design, ample surface for advertising, large cargo area, and great gas mileage make it the perfect automobile for my business.
A key part of my concept is buying produce directly from farmers, which means I have to transport all of this food myself. That’s where the large cargo area comes in handy: it allows me to cut out the middle man in my purchasing, and deal directly with the local organic farmers who provide me with some of the world’s finest produce. Not only is the large cargo area great for moving large amounts of ingredients around, it also gives me the space I need to transport any new equipment, and allows me the flexibility of doing private events and catering.
Because my business model does not have its own brick and morter storefront, the xB will also play another important role for my business. I plan on using the most modern car wrap technology, with artist collaboration to come up with a concept that will capture attention and interest while out on deliveries and going to and from the farmers markets. The xB will be a visual that many will associate with my business, and I believe that the design of the xB lends itself well to this idea.
Scion is a company that is associated with being cutting edge, new, different, and unique. Many believe Scion to be a company marching to the beat of their own drum rather than falling in with the standard automobile ranks. This is a brand identity I not only buy into, but one I try to represent myself. While Scion started in a garage and evolved into the massive operation it is today, I hope to do the same with my dream, and I can’t wait to hop behind the wheel of an xB and grow my business one delivery at a time. It is my hope that the restaurant I am building from home can grow, evolve, and become a huge success in my local community.

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