This was the transition from our prelude into the liturgy proper.

The Introit is an antiphon that sums up the theme of a Liturgy. Here a small schola from SFC sings the Introit. It is followed by Joey Williams singing the Christmas Proclamation, and the congregation singing "O Come All Ye Faithful."
Latin text
Dominus dixit ad me:
Filius meus es tu,
ego hodie genui te.
Ps. Quare fremuerunt gentes:
et populi meditati sunt inania?
v/ Gloria Patri.
E u o u a e.

English translation
The Lord hath said to me:
Thou art My Son,
this day have I begotten Thee.
Ps. Why have the Gentiles raged,
and the people devised vain things?
v/ Glory be to the Father.
E u o u a e.

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