Aphrodisiacs: Foods that make us feel more sexual. There are literally thousands to choose from. This Valentine's Day why not give one or two of these most favored sexy foods a try?

Chocolate & Strawberries. Who -- especially if they are female -- doesn't love chocolate? An unlike many aphrodisiacs, chocolate is actually scientifically linked to a happier and more romantic life. Sure, a box of nice chocolates is great, but putting some time and effort into the chocolate you give your Valentine only makes the food that much more romantic. Try Chocolate Cookies with Molten Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream or easy chocolate covered strawberries. The latter may be especially potent, since strawberries are also considered an aphrodisiac. The vitamin C in them is known to help regulate sexual hormones.

Osyters. Most people either love or hate oysters, so before you serve this well known sexy food to your Valentine, make sure you know his or her preference. Scientists say oysters are considered a romantic food not only because of their suggestive shape, but because they contain acids and vitamins that increase testosterone levels. Try serving Zeeland oysters a la rose or Marinated Fresh Oysters.

Asparagus & Truffles. This one surprised me -- but it's not just the vegetable's evocative shape that makes it one of the world's sexiest foods. It's also packed with vitamin E, which is scientifically linked to increased sexual hormones. Try Asparagus and Pine Nuts or Asparagus Rissolee with Truffle Puree. The latter combines aphrodisiacs, since truffles are known to release chemicals called pheromones that help garner sexual responses in women.

Potatoes. Believe it or not, the humble potato has long been considered a sexy food. Scientists now know they do many of the same things chocolate does to the brain: They raise serotonin levels, making people feel happier and more romantic. A PR Newswire story even quotes "aphrodisiac expert" James Sotte as noting, "Jersey Royal Potatoes are a particularly powerful aphrodisiac for women because they have a smell...[that's reminiscent of the] musky aroma of the male." Try adding a simple baked potato to a romantic meal, or make Potato Galette with Bacon and Cavier.

Ginger. During ancient times, this aphrodisiac was both rubbed on the body and eaten for its aphrodisiac affect. Scientists now know ginger contains compounds that help it increase circulation -- which in turn can lead to easier arousal. Try Crème Brulee with Ginger or Lamb Square Cut with Eggplant Fricassee.

P.S. For fun, check out our online quiz: "Which Food Will Spice Up Your Love Life?"

Source: gourmandia.com, gourmetrecipe.com

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