[Warning. This video has cursing. If you do not heed this, you've no right to complain about there being cuss words in here. Besides, the title is self explanatory. So, double whammy to you.]

The next WTF in the series. Even longer. More stupid. And a few.......actually, funny would be up to the people who actually finds this crap funny. :p

Robot Chicken-like separated segments. Randomness to the max.


Small Video Clip To Help Viewers - Silentwulf
Male 4 aka shaved head white dude(mainly) - Revan
Male 9 aka I have no idea what to call him - Revan
Male 7 aka think Gordon Frohman. Yeah, that model(mainly) - Ajax
Mossman - Alcia
Other actors - Retarded NPC's.
Music (will go in depth later)
Combine Prisonguards - Heath Hamrick and Brent Borgeson (h/e the hell he spells his last name. Can't memorize it all that well. I know what his last name is though)

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